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Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to the GATE manga.

Q: Will the GATE manga be available from other retailers?

A:  At this time, no. 

Q: When will it return to the Sekai Project Shop?

A: At this time, we have no ETA for it's return, but we are working on resolving the issue.

Q. Will you be releasing the GATE manga digitally?

A.  We have no plans to release it at this time.

Q. Will you be translating the GATE Light Novels?

A. We have no plans to translate them at this time.

Q:  Will you be printing the volumes after Vol 2?

A: See for our statement on this issue.

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  1. Max Crick

    I’m just going honest and say that you should just drop the GATE manga series and give it to another publishing company like Seven Seas Entertainment, J-novel club, or Yen Press who might do a BETTER job at translating the manga because you are mostly focusing on games rather than books. at least give us an update on if you are going to be translating the rest of the manga by summer 2021 or dropping it entirely because people are tired of promises that aren't being delivered. I'm beginning to believe that you are just lazy or lying for saying that you are working on vol. 2 cause we've been waiting patiently and now are patience is wearing thin.


    where is fucking vol 2 in English! if your not going to publish it then give it to someone who will i am fucking sick and tired of waiting for your damn fucking company to finish this series. you have had over 2 years to fix any mistakes, there is no fucking excuse for this slacking off.


    please say you finally fixed your printer problem by now. Me and alot of other costumers really want to get the rest of this series to read and for our collections.

  4. Max Crick

    I’m wondering when the next volume of GATE is going to be out because been nearly two years since you put out a delay and apology and there hasn’t been any news or updates about it at all when there have been nearly 16 volumes released in Japan and you’ve only released one 2016 (well 2 since volume 2 isn’t out yet). I’m just speculating that you might drop the manga and give it to another publishing company like seven seas entertainment, j-novel club, or yen press who might do a better job at translating the manga because you are mostly focusing on games instead of books. Also, I heard that you’re having issues with your printing, I hope that you can get it to fix soon so it can be read it in 2020.